Hey there! I'm Heather.


I am a HypnoBirthing Practitioner, a Birth Doula, and a part of the Integrative Health and Hormone team. But those are my official titles! At home, I am a mom of two delightful little girls, Nora Jean and Elle Marie, and a wife to my hardworking husband, JR. We also have a couple of Furr Babies, Lulu the big white dog, and Rocky our fluffy old cat. I stumbled into this birth world after my own births and have never looked back.


I found HypnoBirthing at the end of my pregnancy with Nora Jean (end, like 3 weeks before I gave birth to her) and using the techniques I was able to have a completely unmedicated natural childbirth. 15 months later I gave birth our second daughter, Elle Marie, using the same techniques and had a second unmedicated, natural childbirth, that was 99% pain-free! That's when I really knew there was something to this HypnoBirthing thing.

I became a Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner in 2014 so that I can help other women know they had other options for birth. The following spring and took my doula training to further assist my class clients who wanted me at their births. This career has been so rewarding on a personal level for me and I personally owe it all to HypnoBirthing.


In 2017, I embarked on another journey with HypnoBirthing and decided to be a Gestational Surrogate for a family who wanted to grow their family. Again using all of my HypnoBirthing knowledge, I delivered a healthy, little (ok, he was 9.5lbs... maybe not little) boy. This time with100% pain-free labor and birth. That already emotionally rewarding experience was only enhanced by how amazing the birth itself was. 


I'm here to help you with your own birth goals, whatever that looks like for you! I wish every woman a wonderful birthing experience that they can cherish for the rest of their lives. 


Much love and gratitude to you for visiting my page! I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about what kind of birthing experience YOU are looking for. 

- Heath 



"If you don't know your options, then you have no options" - Heather Connolly, HBCE