Birth Support Doula

Helping you achieve the birth you desire


Are you wanting a more satisfying birthing experience? With Bliss, we truly believe that birth is a natural part of life and that each woman's individual and sometimes unique birth preferences should be fulling in a variety of birthing environments. 

Water Birth

Whether you are seeking a home birth, birth center or hospital birth, your preferences and birthing goals become our goals, helping you cross that finish into motherhood. 


We want your baby's birth to be one of the most rewarding days of your life and will be there with you to make sure it is full of bliss. 



"My husband and I had an excellent experience with Heather through the hypnobirthing courses. We actually traveled a little over an hour each week just to attend class because we loved her personality and sweetness that much!

K. Slater

"Heather was such a blessing during the birth of our daughter. Through her coaching and HypnoBirthing techniques, I was able to deliver 100% natural! Labor and delivery is totally possible mamas!!"

C. Riniker