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HypnoBirthing Group Course


Birth Simplified - Are you looking for a childbirth education class that doesn't leave you thinking about pain, long labors or hospital protocol? Bliss HypnoBirthing is a unique class that makes birth simple again.

You will be taught to birth with confidence and grace while using deep relaxations and breathing techniques that don't leave you cringing with discomfort or gasping for air. You will learn how to tap into your own natural relaxant and your own birthing instincts.


This stress-free approach to childbirth takes medicalization out of the birthing scene and allows you to see how birth unfolds naturally while being in the modern hospital settings. 


Group classes are great for meeting like-minded growing families like yourself, who also think there is a better way to birth. 



"I felt empowered by our daughter's birth and much more in charge of my birth process. HypnoBirthing supported me in having a positive birth and I would recommend it to anyone looking to experience a natural birth!"

 J. Skinner

"This is absolutely something that all parents to be should consider. It's also a great bonding time for couples!"

K. Slater